Bringing your horse(s) on holiday to our Exmoor Cottages

Birch Cleave Barns are ideal to take your horse on holiday!

Ride from the door…

Bridlepaths are located next to our cottages, so you can set off for a great ride without any main roads.

There are so many great rides to be had in the area, and there’s even a pub you can ride to and tether up outside!

£15 per night, per stable.

DIY Stabling at Birch Cleave Barns Holiday Cottages

DIY Stabling is available in our 2 stables at Birch Cleave Barns with prior arrangement before arrival.

Please bring your own bedding and feed. Bedding to be pellets or woodshavings only.

A water tap is located adjacent to the stables, and a hose is provided.

The stables must be left as they were found, with all materials removed to the designated area.

Bridlepaths from the door

With bridlepaths accessible from the cottage, Birch Cleave Barns are ideal for bringing your horse on holiday.
This picture shows the bridlepaths (denoted in green dashes) – take a look at this website to find suitable routes/bridlepaths.