Why Simonsbath Is the Perfect Destination for Walkers and Hikers:

The charm of Simonsbath extends beyond its picturesque village ambiance. Set in the heart of the Exmoor National Park, Simonsbath, home to Birch Cleave Barns, offers a fantastic network of trails and paths ideal for walkers and hikers of all levels. It’s the perfect destination for those who wish to explore the stunning Exmoor landscapes while enjoying a comfortable stay at our cosy, pet-friendly cottages.

Stunning Landscapes on Every Route

Hiking around Simonsbath is an exciting journey of discovery. From the charming River Barle that winds its way through the valley to the rolling moorland hills that define Exmoor, there is no shortage of scenic beauty. Each trail presents an opportunity to explore diverse terrains, offering stunning vistas that make every step worth the effort.

Bridlepaths for All Levels

Whether you’re an experienced hiker looking for a challenging route or a casual walker seeking a leisurely stroll, the bridlepaths around Birch Cleave Barns and Simonsbath cater to all. Accessible from the doorstep of our cottages, these paths wind through woods, across fields, and along rivers, each presenting its unique charm and level of challenge.

Flora and Fauna Galore

Exmoor National Park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. As you wander through the trails of Simonsbath, you’re likely to encounter an abundance of local wildlife, from Exmoor ponies and red deer to a variety of birds. The diverse habitats also support a wide range of flora, making your walks colourful and interesting, particularly in spring and summer.

A Dog Walker’s Dream

At Birch Cleave Barns, we understand that a holiday isn’t complete without your furry friends. Our pet-friendly cottages in Simonsbath provide the perfect base for dog owners, with a plethora of dog-friendly walking trails starting right at our doorstep. The large open spaces, forest paths, and the inviting River Barle are sure to give your canine companions a holiday they’ll remember.

After a Long Day of Exploring

Once you’ve spent your day exploring the stunning surroundings, you can return to the comfort of Birch Cleave Barns. Our cottages offer all the amenities needed for a relaxing stay. Soak tired muscles in a hot bath, prepare a hearty meal in our fully equipped kitchens, and finally, curl up in front of the fireplace with a book or simply enjoy the star-filled Exmoor sky.

Nearby Attractions and Amenities

Simonsbath is more than just trails and paths. The village boasts a collection of local shops and cosy pubs perfect for a post-walk meal. A few miles from Birch Cleave Barns, you’ll find attractions such as Simonsbath House, local craft centres, and traditional tea rooms, giving you a taste of the local culture and hospitality.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, a stay at Birch Cleave Barns in Simonsbath provides the perfect opportunity to lace up your boots and explore the heart of Exmoor National Park. Uncover the beauty of this hidden gem and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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